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What is a Randmeer?

Discover the Randmeer, the perfect sailboat for a varied day on the water with two to four people! With an instructor on board, sailing lessons are not only educational, but also fun and enriching.

  • Number of people


  • Instructor

    Always sits with you on board.

  • Stability

    Very stable and designed not to capsize.

  • Sailing clothing

    You wear a sailing suit, sturdy shoes that can get wet and sailing gloves in this boat.

  • Specialty

    Spacious, trapeze rigged and with Spinnaker.

  • Diploma


The Randmeer welcomes sailors of all levels, from beginners to more experienced sailors. The streamlined design and spacious cockpit provide a comfortable environment for both learning and enjoyment. It is a sailboat where conviviality and instruction go hand in hand.

For those looking for a little more challenge, the Randmeer offers the opportunity to make sailing more exciting. With a trapeze and the addition of a spinnaker, the experience becomes more challenging and exciting. Sailors can enjoy the feeling of speed and the extra skills involved in using this advanced sailing equipment.

So, whether you're a beginner just starting out sailing or an experienced sailor looking for new challenges, the Randmeer is ready to take you and your crew on a sailing camp full of fun and learning. Step aboard, hoist the sails and let the Randmeer guide you to a world of sailing fun and challenge! ⛵🌊😊