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House rules sailing camps

During our sailing camps we have a number of house rules, to keep it fun for everyone.

  • Phone policy: We have a separate phone policy for each age group, which can be found on the page Phone policy.

  • No sound boxes allowed: Due to noise pollution for students and instructors, both at night and during the day, it is not allowed for students to bring their own sound boxes. At times when music needs to be played, we provide our own sound systems to play it. It is not necessary for students to have music boxes in their rooms.

  • No alcohol, drugs, smoking, vaping and/or energy drinks: : It is (of course) not allowed for students to bring or use alcohol or drugs. At the beginning of the week, the students are given the opportunity to hand this in, if they do not do so and are caught using drugs or alcohol during the week, they will be sent home immediately. The same applies to smoking and vaping. Energy drinks are also not allowed. Our experience is that this causes too big differences in the distribution of the energy of the students, and gives them false energy at times when they should actually be sleeping. Children are given the opportunity to hand in their energy drinks at the beginning of the week, if they are caught drinking or buying energy drinks during the week, the energy drinks will be taken away. They will get this back at the end of the week.

  • Policy on bullying: We believe that everyone should have the best week of the summer with us and strive to make the sailing camp end as one big new group of friends where everyone belongs. We are therefore very strict when it comes to bullying. If we notice that someone is being bullied, the bully will receive an official warning once, and the parents will also be informed immediately. If the bullying does not stop, the bully will be sent home immediately.

  • Large groups of friends (5 or more people): We do our very best to incorporate all the preferences of all children as well as possible in the final room layout. However, we have noticed in recent years that the division of large groups of friends (5 children or more) has a major influence on the atmosphere of the sailing camp and it is becoming increasingly difficult to allow the large group of friends to connect with the group without them having too much influence on the sailing camp. We have therefore decided that we will divide groups of friends of 5 people or more over different rooms, where they will also sleep with other peers. Of course, we will ensure that the rooms where the group of friends is divided are as close together as possible. If the division made by us with which people from the group of friends are sleeping together is not to your liking, this can of course still be changed on location.