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What is a Laser Bug?

Discover the excitement of solo sailing aboard the Laser Bug as a young adventurer! This specially designed sailboat is the perfect introduction to the world of sailing for your children.

  • Number of people.


  • Instructor.

    Sits in a follow boat and is always nearby.

  • Stability.

    Goes easily askew and can capsize.

  • Sailing clothing.

    You wear a wetsuit, helmet, water shoes and sailing gloves in this boat

  • Specialty.

    Offers challenge as a successor to the Optimist due to its less stable design.

  • Diploma.

    Single-handed youth sailing.

As a logical next step after the Optimist, the Laser Bug is made for leaning and speed. With its compact size and child-friendly design, the Laser boat offers a safe and fun environment for your children to take their first or follow-up steps in the sailing world. The light weight of the boat makes it easy to handle, even for the youngest sailors.

What makes the Laser Bug so special is its simple rigging and self-draining design. The sail is easy to operate, allowing children to quickly become familiar with the basics of sailing. If the boat accidentally tilts, it can empty itself, which contributes to a safe and enjoyable sailing experience.

The Laser Bug not only invites fun on the water, but also offers a nice challenge for the slightly more experienced sailor. It is an opportunity for children to develop important life skills such as independence, responsibility and self-confidence. It's not just sailing; it's a journey of discovery where your children have fun and grow.

Step aboard the Laser Bug and let your children enjoy a very fun sailing holiday. It is the perfect way to develop a love of sailing while acquiring important skills for the future. 🌊⛵