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What is a Laerling?

Step aboard the Laerling, the world's smallest keelboat, for a sailing camp at Zeilschool de Kikkert that is not only unforgettable, but above all the most fun adventure for you and your child! This masterpiece, designed by experienced craftsmen from the Olympic classes Soling and Yngling, offers a specially designed, compact two-person youth boat experience that cannot be found anywhere else.

  • Number of people.


  • Instructor.

    Sits in a follow boat and is always nearby.

  • Stability.

    Very stable, made not to capsize.

  • Sailing clothing.

    You wear a sailing suit, helmet, sturdy shoes or water shoes and sailing gloves in this boat.

  • Specialty.

    You learn to work together well in this boat and it can be made more challenging with a spinnaker.

  • Diploma.

    Two-person youth keelboat

Discover the basics of two-person sailing in the Laerling during an unforgettable sailing camp at Zeilschool de Kikkert. With enough space on board for two enthusiastic participants, the Laerling promises not only agility and challenge, but also the most fun and safe sailing camp on the world's smallest keelboat. The Laerling cannot capsize, creating a calm and stable environment, perfect for starting and learning sailors. And as if that wasn't enough, the sailing instructor is always ready to step on board if extra guidance or a demonstration is needed.

Add the exciting element of the spinnaker, and the Laerling continues to surprise by combining its compact size with a nice speed. With its solid design and adaptability to various weather conditions, the Laerling offers a unique opportunity for sailors of all ages to explore the enchanting world of small keelboat sailing during a sailing camp at Zeilschool de Kikkert. Seize this opportunity and make your sailing holiday an unforgettable highlight! ⛵🌊😊