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Business events & teambuilding

Are you looking for an exclusive and memorable company outing in Friesland? De Kikkert welcomes you for an experience in which team building and fun go together perfectly. Located in picturesque Friesland, we offer the ideal combination of action on the water, relaxation on shore and a abundance of fun. Escape the daily routine and experience a day with your colleagues that will have a long-lasting impact. Whether you want to have a meeting, have a drink, party, have a barbecue or a combination of all of this, the possibilities are endless at De Kikkert Sailing School.

  • Active & relaxing.

    Experience the ultimate balance between an active day of sailing and relaxing together on our cozy terrace.

  • Fresh food.

    End your day with a delicious Frisian snack platter or a luxury BBQ that suits your wishes. We take into account every diet without extra charge.

  • From meetings to parties.

    From inspiring meeting rooms to large-scale party evenings, De Kikkert offers the ideal setting for any corporate event.

  • Working on team spirit.

    Whether it's sailing competitions or team games, the activities at De Kikkert bring colleagues closer together.

  • Top location.

    Located in the polder without neighbors, with large sports fields, play areas and a tennis court.

  • Comfortable sleeping.

    21 bedrooms with private shower and toilet.


A day at De Kikkert.

Start your day with an inspiring meeting in one of our atmospheric rooms by the water. Then it's time to hoist the sails and head out onto the water for an active and refreshing team building activity.

After the sailing adventures, a delicious drink awaits you at the quay. Our team provides fresh food and guarantees a luxurious OFYR BBQ, where you can enjoy culinary delights with a view of the water. Let our team take care of you completely, so that you can fully enjoy the company outing.

For the adventurous teams, we even offer the possibility of banana boating, an exciting activity that combines team spirit and fun. Whether you want to relax or feel the adrenaline, at De Kikkert Sailing School we adapt the company outing to the wishes of your team.

After enjoying the culinary delights, it's time to end the day in a cozy atmosphere. Have a drink with colleagues and talk about the day, while we transform the location into a festive setting. No worries about going home, because our company outing offers the possibility of overnight stays. A perfect opportunity to further strengthen the team ties and experience an unforgettable time together.

Frequently Asked Questions.

It is not allowed to bring your own drinks to the sailing school. All food and drink items used during the weekend must be purchased at the Kikkert. We will discuss this with you before the start of the event. Please note that drinks at the bar are in principle the only costs that the participant has to incur this weekend. All other food & beverages, activities, party evenings and other matters are included in the price.

All our members must be able to sail

Not everyone needs to be able to sail, but at least 1 person per boat. To ensure that the safety and enjoyment of everyone on the water is guaranteed, we have some important guidelines regarding the person who sails the boat. When renting a sailboat it is mandatory that there is always an experienced person on board who can competently take the boat from point A to point B, both on the engine as sailed. This person, also called the 'skipper', has responsibility for the boat and its crew. Importantly, the designated skipper is not allowed to consume alcohol while the boat is still moving or in any other way. method of use.

What is included in the price

Overnight stay with breakfast, dinner, snacks/snacks for after sailing and during the party, unlimited coffee/ tea/water/fruit, bar, cooking and service staff, cleaning costs, use of all facilities such as light and sound system, sports fields and tennis court.

Can we throw a party at your location

It is absolutely possible to organize a party! Use our high-quality light and sound system, renovate the recreation room in your theme, and enjoy the sunny terrace where the speakers can also be switched on. The advantage of our location is that we have no direct neighbors, so noise pollution does not have to be taken into account. This allows the party to continue until late!

What do the bedrooms look like?

Each bedroom is equipped with 6 beds (3 bunk beds), a private shower, double sink and toilet. The corridor with the bedrooms is separated from the party room, which means there is minimal disruption for those who want to rest, even if the party goes on late.

How many people do we need to be at least?
< br/>We can quickly arrange something for you. However, please note that if you are with a small group, we may place you next to another student group. Always contact us by e-mail or telephone so that we can discuss the possibilities.