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Boat rental

During Easter, Pentecost and Ascension Day we focus on the rental of our boats. The Randmeer is our most popular boat, but we also have options for a dinghy or motorboat on request. The Randmeren can be rented from one day, and come standard with an outboard motor and fuel. Additional options such as spinnaker, trapeze vests or a deck tent can be rented separately.

  • Boat rental Lemmer.

    We are right next to the water, you can go straight onto the lake..

  • Fully equipped.

    The boat always comes with a full tank, outboard motor, boom, paddle, anchor and life jackets.

  • For everyone.

    Easy for the novice sailor and challenging for the more experienced sailor.

  • More challenge.

    With the possibilities of the trapeze and the spinnaker, spectacle is guaranteed.

  • Camping.

    With the deck tent and a camping set you can go out for several days through Friesland.

  • Sailing lessons possible.

    Would you rather take a trip with an instructor? Check out our sailing weekends for adults.


The Randmeer is a Dutch sailing boat known for its excellent sailing performance and versatility. This keelboat with open cockpit is designed for both recreational sailing and racing. Renting a Randmeer is popular because the model appeals to many sailing enthusiasts because of its combination of stability, speed and comfort.

With a length of approximately 6.5 meters and a width of approximately 2.2 meters, the Randmeer offers enough space for a crew of four people. The design of the boat provides a spacious and ergonomic cockpit, allowing sailors to move comfortably while sailing. The open cockpit also makes renting a Randmeer suitable for day trips and recreational sailing adventures.

The boat has a spacious rig with a large sail area, which contributes to its excellent sailing characteristics. The well-thought-out design of the Randmeer also makes it possible to trim the boat efficiently, giving sailors optimal control over speed and course.

What makes the Randmeer unique is the versatility of this boat. Thanks to the tower rig, it is particularly accessible for beginners. For more experienced sailors, it offers a challenging experience because you can use the spinnaker in combination with the trapeze. The Randmeer is also perfect for recreational sailors, partly due to the presence of an outboard motor and the possibility to spend the night in the boat thanks to the deck tent.

Prices Randmeer rental:

Including life jackets, gasoline and outboard motor

  • Ascension Day 4 days  €360

  • Easter 4 days  €360

  • Pentecost 3 days  €270


  • Deck tent  €25

  • Spinnaker  €50

  • Camping set  €20

  • Trapeze vest  €15

  • Sailing suit  €15

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