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Boat rental

During Easter, Pentecost and Ascension Day we focus on the rental of our boats. The Randmeer is our most popular boat, but we also have options for a dinghy or motorboat on request. The Randmeren can be rented from one day, and come standard with an outboard motor and fuel. Additional options such as spinnaker, trapeze vests or a cover tent can be rented separately.

A Randmeer is the ideal choice for anyone who loves tough and adventurous sailing. This fast and comfortable sailor is frequently used at De Kikkert during sailing lessons. The Randmeer is a design from the sixties by the famous ship designer Van de Stadt. She owes her name Randmeer to the fact that she was specially designed to sail on the new Randmeren. The Randmeer is ideally suited for rough water and shallow waters. The hull weighs 500 kilos, which gives her stable properties. The Randmeer has a fixed keel with a draft of 0.75 meters and a through rudder instead of a hanging rudder. Thanks to her S-shaped hull, she has a calm wave behavior and is very easy to handle. Thanks to the slender tower rig, she can sail very high on the wind, which can make the difference between sailing water and a long beat. The balance rudder with joystick invites you to steer in a relaxed and precise manner.